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Ddbugtopbm User Manual(0)						Ddbugtopbm User Manual(0)

       ddbugtopbm - convert Diddle or DiddleBug sketches to PBM files


       ddbugtopbm </path/to/palm/backup/dir/DiddleBugDB.pdb

       ddbugtopbm </path/to/palm/backup/dir/DiddleDB.pdb

       ddbugtopbm </path/to/palm/backup/dir/DiddleIDB.pdb

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       ddbugtopbm  converts all sketches present in a database used by the PalmOS programs Diddle
       or DiddleBug into appropriately-named PBM files.  The backup copy of DiddleBug's  database
       you  should  use as this program's input is usually called DiddleBugDB.pdb.  Or if you use
       the original Diddle, it has two separate DBs - DiddleDB.pdb, containing unnamed	`scratch'
       sketches, and DiddleIDB.pdb, containing the saved (and named) sketches which are listed by
       its `index' option.  You can feed this program any of these three on standard input.

       I recommend you not run ddbugtopbm from your Palm backup directory, i.e. don't run it from
       the directory the DB will normally be in.  Instead, run it from some other directory (per-
       haps you could make a directory purely to hold the PBM files, just to keep things  simple)
       and use an absolute or relative path to the DB.

       The filenames used for the output PBMs are based on the names given to each sketch; if you
       have an unnamed sketch, it's given a name along the lines of sketch-0123.pbm.

       While the named sketches will overwrite any existing PBM file  with  the  same  name,  the
       unnamed	ones  won't - they'll just try using another filename.	(I think this is probably
       the right approach, as you can't really tell the unnamed sketches apart.)

       The DiddleBug DB reader is only known to work with DBs from DiddleBug version 2.50. But it
       should probably work on later versions, and I think it'll work on DBs from version 2.15 as

       It might fall over if fed an empty database, and doesn't do much (if any) checking of  the

       Russell Marks (rus@svgalib.org).

       Mitch  Blevins's  decompression	code is directly from DiddleBug itself, which like ddbug-
       topbm is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

       palmtopnm(1) , pbm(1)

       Jens-Chr. Heyer's `didcon' script does something similar.

       ddbugtopbm was new in Netpbm 10.18 (August 2003).  It was written and  independently  dis-
       tributed in August 2002.

netpbm documentation			21st August, 2002		Ddbugtopbm User Manual(0)

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