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DBLINK_SEND_QUERY(3)		  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation	     DBLINK_SEND_QUERY(3)

       dblink_send_query - sends an async query to a remote database

       dblink_send_query(text connname, text sql) returns int

       dblink_send_query sends a query to be executed asynchronously, that is, without
       immediately waiting for the result. There must not be an async query already in progress
       on the connection.

       After successfully dispatching an async query, completion status can be checked with
       dblink_is_busy, and the results are ultimately collected with dblink_get_result. It is
       also possible to attempt to cancel an active async query using dblink_cancel_query.

	   Name of the connection to use.

	   The SQL statement that you wish to execute in the remote database, for example select
	   * from pg_class.

       Returns 1 if the query was successfully dispatched, 0 otherwise.

	   SELECT dblink_send_query('dtest1', 'SELECT * FROM foo WHERE f1 < 3');

PostgreSQL 9.2.7			    2014-02-17			     DBLINK_SEND_QUERY(3)
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