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XML-RESOLVER(1) 			  User commands 			  XML-RESOLVER(1)

       xml-resolver - A simple command-line resolver

       xml-resolver [options] keyword

       xml-resolver  is  a simple command-line resolver. It takes some parameters and passes them
       through the resolver, printing the result.

       The process ends with error-level 1, if there were errors.

       Command-line options are described below.

       -c catalogfile
	   Load a particular catalog file

       -n name
	   Sets the name

       -p publicId
	   Sets the public identifier

       -s systemId
	   Sets the system identifier

	   Absolute system URI

       -u uri
	   Sets the URI

       -d integer
	   Set the debug level

       And keyword is one of: doctype, document, entity, notation, public, system, or uri.

xml-commons-resolver			  11 April 2013 			  XML-RESOLVER(1)
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