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LOOKBIB(1)									       LOOKBIB(1)

       lookbib - search bibliographic databases

       lookbib [ -v ] [ -istring ] [ -tn ] filename...

       lookbib	prints	a prompt on the standard error (unless the standard input is not a termi-
       nal), reads from the standard input a line containing a set of keywords, searches the bib-
       liographic databases filename... for references containing those keywords, prints any ref-
       erences found on the standard output, and repeats this process until  the  end  of  input.
       For  each  database  filename to be searched, if an index filename.i created by indxbib(1)
       exists, then it will be searched instead; each index can cover multiple databases.

       It is possible to have whitespace between a command line option and its parameter.

       -v     Print the version number.

	      When searching files for which no index exists, ignore the contents of fields whose
	      names are in string.

       -tn    Only require the first n characters of keys to be given.	Initially n is 6.

       filename.i  Index files.

       refer(1), lkbib(1), indxbib(1)

Groff Version 1.22.2			 7 February 2013			       LOOKBIB(1)
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