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TCAMTTEST(1)				  Tokyo Cabinet 			     TCAMTTEST(1)

       tcamttest - test cases of the abstract database API

       The command `tcamttest' is a utility for facility test under multi-thread situation.  This
       command is used in the following format.  `name'  specifies  the  database  name.   `tnum'
       specifies the number of running threads.  `rnum' specifies the number of iterations.

	      tcamttest write name tnum rnum
		     Store   records   with   keys  of	8  bytes.   They  change  as  `00000001',
	      tcamttest read name tnum
		     Retrieve all records of the database above.
	      tcamttest remove name tnum
		     Remove all records of the database above.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcatest(1), tcamgr(1), tcadb(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page				    2012-08-18				     TCAMTTEST(1)
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