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CentOS 7.0 - man page for pkcs11_inspect (centos section 1)

pkcs11_inspect(1)						    PAM PKCS#11 						 pkcs11_inspect(1)

pkcs11_inspect - print certificate contents
pkcs11_inspect [debug] [config_file=<filename>]
pkcs11_inspect uses the pam_pkcs11 library infrastructure to get the content of a certificate and display it. pkcs11_inspect uses the same configuration file and arguments than pam_pkcs11(8) PAM module. It loads defined mapper modules, and use them to look into the certificate for required entries (ie: ms_mapper looks for ms UPN entries, and so on). When a mapper module finds a proper entry in the certificate, it converts to UTF-8 and print it to stdout.
debug Enable debugging output. config_file=<filename> Sets the configuration file to use. Default value is /etc/pam_pkcs11/pam_pkcs11.conf. As it uses the same configuration file as pam_pkcs11, all pam_pkcs11 options are also available. Note that some of them have no sense in a non-PAM environment, so they will be ignored. Some mapper options (mapfile, ignorecase) have no effect on certificate contents, so they will be ignored too.
On success pkcs11_inspect prints on stdout all certificate contents that are found for mappers and returns 0. On error it returns 1.
To run this program the standard way, insert a smart card in the reader and type: pkcs11_inspect Alternatively you can specify options: pkcs11_inspect debug config_file=${HOME}/.pam_pkcs11.conf
Juan Antonio Martinez <>
pam_pkcs11(8), pklogin_finder(1) PAM-PKCS11 User Manual Juan Antonio Martinez Aug 2005 pkcs11_inspect(1)