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..::pidl::lib::Parse::Pidl::Util(3)    Samba Documentation    ..::pidl::lib::Parse::Pidl::Util(3)

       Parse::Pidl::Util - Generic utility functions for pidl

       use Parse::Pidl::Util;

       Simple module that contains a couple of trivial helper functions used throughout the
       various pidl modules.

       MyDumper a dumper wrapper to prevent dependence on the Data::Dumper module unless we
       actually need it
       has_property see if a pidl property list contains a given property
       property_matches see if a pidl property matches a value
       is_constant return 1 if the string is a C constant
       make_str return a "" quoted string, unless already quoted
       unmake_str unquote a "" quoted string
       print_uuid Print C representation of a UUID.
       ParseExpr Interpret an IDL expression, substituting particular variables.
       ParseExprExt Interpret an IDL expression, substituting particular variables. Can call
       callbacks when pointers are being dereferenced or variables are being used.

perl v5.16.3				    2013-06-13	      ..::pidl::lib::Parse::Pidl::Util(3)
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