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XmImMbLookupString(library call)				 XmImMbLookupString(library call)

       XmImMbLookupString  --  An input manager function that retrieves a composed string from an
       input method

       #include <Xm/XmIm.h>
       int XmImMbLookupString(
       Widget widget,
       XKeyPressedEvent *event,
       char *buffer_return,
       int bytes_buffer,
       KeySym *keysym_return,
       int *status_return);

       XmImMbLookupString returns a string composed in the locale associated  with  the  widget's
       input method and a KeySym that is currently mapped to the keycode in a KeyPress event. The
       KeySym is obtained by using the standard interpretation of Shift, Lock and Group modifiers
       as defined in the X Protocol specification.

       An  XIM will be created, but an XIC will not be created. One of the functions, XmImSetVal-
       ues, XmImVaSetValues, or XmImGetXIC, needs to be called to create an XIC.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the widget registered with the input manager

       event	 Specifies the key press event

		 Specifies the buffer in which the string is returned

		 Specifies the size of the buffer in bytes

		 Specifies a pointer to the KeySym returned if one exists

		 Specifies the status values returned by the function. These  status  values  are
		 the  same  as those for the XmbLookupString function. The possible status values

			   The size of the buffer was insufficient to handle the returned string.
			   The	contents of buffer_return and keysym_return are not modified. The
			   required buffer size is returned as	a  value  of  the  function.  The
			   client should repeat the call with a larger buffer size to receive the

			   No consistent input was composed. The contents  of  buffer_return  and
			   keysym_return are not modified and the function returns a value of 0.

			   Some input characters were composed and returned in buffer_return. The
			   content of keysym_return is not modified.  The  function  returns  the
			   length of the string in bytes.

			   A  keysym  value was returned instead of a string. The content of buf-
			   fer_return is not modified and the function returns a value of 0.

			   A keysym value and a string were returned. The keysym  value  may  not
			   necessarily	correspond  to	the string returned. The function returns
			   the length of the string in bytes.

       Return values depend on the status returned by the function. Refer to the  description  of
       status values above.

       XmImGetXIM(3), XmImGetXIC(3), XmImRegister(3), XmImSetValues(3), and XmImUnregister(3).

								 XmImMbLookupString(library call)
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