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CentOS 7.0 - man page for disnan (centos section 3)

disnan.f(3)							      LAPACK							       disnan.f(3)

disnan.f -
Functions/Subroutines LOGICAL function disnan (DIN) DISNAN tests input for NaN. Function/Subroutine Documentation LOGICAL function disnan (double precisionDIN) DISNAN tests input for NaN. Purpose: DISNAN returns .TRUE. if its argument is NaN, and .FALSE. otherwise. To be replaced by the Fortran 2003 intrinsic in the future. Parameters: DIN DIN is DOUBLE PRECISION Input to test for NaN. Author: Univ. of Tennessee Univ. of California Berkeley Univ. of Colorado Denver NAG Ltd. Date: September 2012 Definition at line 60 of file disnan.f. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for LAPACK from the source code. Version 3.4.2 Tue Sep 25 2012 disnan.f(3)