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ACPIEXEC(1)									      ACPIEXEC(1)

       acpiexec - ACPI AML execution and debug utility

       acpiexec [<option>...] <aml-file> ...

       This manual page briefly documents the acpiexec command. The option list is taken from the
       acpiexec interactive help.

       acpiexec provides a simulated execution environment for AML code so that it  can  be  more
       easily tested and debugged.

       Much more detailed documentation may be found at http://www.acpica.org/documentation/.

       -?     Display the help message

       -b command-line
	      Batch mode command line execution (cmd1;cmd2;...)

       -M [<method>]
	      Batch mode method execution (Default: MAIN)

       -da    Disable method abort on error

       -di    Disable execution of _STA/_INI methods during init

       -do    Disable Operation Region address simulation

       -dr    Disable repair of method return values

       -dt    Disable allocation tracking (performance)

       -ef    Enable display of final memory statistics

       -ei    Enable additional tests for ACPICA interfaces

       -em    Enable interpreter Serialized mode

       -es    Enable interpreter Slack mode

       -et    Enable debug semaphore timeour

       -f <value>
	      Operation Region initialization fill value

       -r     Use hardware-reduced FADT V5

       -vi    Verbose initialization output

       -vr    Verbose region handler output

       -x <debug-level>
	      Debug output level

       acpiexec was written by Robert Moore <robert.moore@intel.com>.

       This manual page was written by Al Stone <ahs3@redhat.com> for the Fedora project (but may
       be used by others).

					 January 23, 2013			      ACPIEXEC(1)
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