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BRASERO(1)									       BRASERO(1)

       brasero - Simple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for the GNOME Desktop

       brasero [options] [uri] [uri] ...

       Brasero	is an easy-to-use application for burning CD-R/Ws and DVD-R/Ws.  With Brasero you
       can create data, audio, or video CDs, DVDs, and SVCDs. You can copy  existing  disks,  use
       image  files,  or  create  new projects. Brasero includes tools such as a media previewer,
       integrity checker and a cover creator.

       The following options are supported:

   Help Options:
       -h, --help
	      Show help options

	      Show all help options

   Application Options:
       -p, --project=PROJECT
	      Open the specified project

       -l, --playlist=PLAYLIST
	      Open the specified playlist as an audio project

       --device=DEVICE PATH
	      Set the drive to be used for burning

	      Create an image file instead of burning

       -a, --audio
	      Open an audio project adding the URIs given on the command line

       -d, --data
	      Open a data project adding the URIs given on the command line

       -c, --copy=PATH TO DEVICE
	      Copy a disc

       -j, --cover=PATH TO COVER
	      Cover to use

       -o, --video
	      Open a video project adding the URIs given on the command line

       -i, --image=PATH TO IMAGE
	      URI of an image file to burn (autodetected)

       -e, --empty
	      Force Brasero to display the project selection page

       -b, --blank=PATH TO DEVICE
	      Open the blank disc dialog

       -k, --check=PATH TO DEVICE
	      Open the check disc dialog

       -n, --ncb
	      Burn the contents of the burn:// URI

	      Start burning immediately

	      Don't connect to an already-running instance

       -r, --burn-and-remove-project=PATH
	      Burn the specified project and remove it (mainly useful for integration with  other

       -x, --transient-for
	      The XID of the parent window

	      X display to use

   Debugging Options:
	      Display debug messages for Brasero media library

       -g, --brasero-burn-debug
	      Display debug messages for Brasero burn library

       Please report any brasero bugs you find to https://bugzilla.gnome.org.

       Brasero's manual page was written by Jeremy Bicha <jeremy@bicha.net>.

GNOME					    April 2011				       BRASERO(1)
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