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Template::Grammar(3)	       User Contributed Perl Documentation	     Template::Grammar(3)

       Template::Grammar - Parser state/rule tables for the TT grammar

	   # no user serviceable parts inside

       This module defines the state and rule tables that the Template::Parser module uses to
       parse templates.  It is generated from a YACC-like grammar using the "Parse::Yapp" module.
       The parser sub-directory of the Template Toolkit source distribution contains the grammar
       and other files required to generate this module.

       But you don't need to worry about any of that unless you're planning to modify the
       Template Toolkit language.

       Andy Wardley <abw@wardley.org>


       Copyright (C) 1996-2007 Andy Wardley.  All Rights Reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.


perl v5.16.3				    2011-12-20			     Template::Grammar(3)
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