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FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap)		  Memory Tapset 	      FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap)

       function::bytes_to_string - Human readable string for given bytes


	   Number of bytes to translate.

       Returns a string representing the number of bytes (up to 1024 bytes), the number of
       kilobytes (when less than 1024K) postfixed by 'K', the number of megabytes (when less than
       1024M) postfixed by 'M' or the number of gigabytes postfixed by 'G'. If representing K, M
       or G, and the number is amount is less than 100, it includes a '.' plus the remainer. The
       returned string will be 5 characters wide (padding with whitespace at the front) unless
       negative or representing more than 9999G bytes.

SystemTap Tapset Reference		    June 2014		      FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap)
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