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HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)			      hwloc			       HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)

       hwloc-assembler - Assemble multiple XML topologies

       hwloc-assembler	 [options]   output.xml  [--name  <name1>]  input1.xml	[--name  <name2>]
       input2.xml ...

       -n --name <name>
	      Set <name> in the AssemblerName info attribute of the next input topology  root  to
	      ease identification within the final global topology.

       -f --force
	      Ignore errors while reading input files.

       -v --verbose
	      Verbose messages.

       hwloc-assembler combines the input XML topologies and exports the resulting global topolo-
       gies to a new XML file.	All inputs are inserting as children of the global  root  object.
       Each  input  topology  root  is	annotated with info attributes before insertion.  Assemb-
       lerIndex is set to the index within the list of inputs.	AssemblerName is set to the  name
       given  with --name if any.  hwloc-assembler-remote offers a frontend for assembling remote
       nodes topologies without having to manually gather and transfer each of them.

       To assemble two nodes topologies:

	   $ hwloc-assembler output.xml --name host1 host1.xml --name host2 host2.xml

       Upon successful execution, hwloc-assembler returns 0.

       hwloc-assembler will return nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not  limited
       to) failure to parse the command line.

       hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-assembler-remote(1)

1.7					   Apr 07, 2013 		       HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)
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