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CentOS 7.0 - man page for panelctl (centos section 1)

PANELCTL(1)							   User Commands						       PANELCTL(1)

panelctl - manual page for panelctl (libavc1394) 0.1
panelctl [OPTION] <channel|command>
panelctl is a command line tool to send control commands via an IEEE1394 link to an AV/C Panel such as the Motorola Digital Consumer Termi- nal (DCT) series. Or for the non-techies: panelctl lets you remote control your digital cable box via a Firewire cable.
-d, --debug Display debug information -h, --help Display this help and exit -v, --version Output version information and exit Channels: 001 - 999 Tune directly to a specific channel Commands: ok Select the highlighted item up Move up in the menu or guide down Move down in the menu or guide left Move left in the menu or guide right Move right in the menu or guide menu Enter or Exit the Main Menu lock Bring up Parental Control screen guide Bring up Listings By Time screen favorite Scan through just your favorite channels exit Return to live TV from the menu or guide enter Enter the digital Music menu channelup Change channel up channeldown Change channel down last Return to the previous menu or channel info See a description of the current show help See helpful information pageup Move up one page in the menu or guide pagedown Move down one page in the menu or guide power Toggle the device on or off volumeup Change volume up volumedown Change volume down mute Toggle sound on or off play Play DVR or On-Demand content stop Stop DVR or On-Demand content pause Pause DVR or On-Demand content record Record content on the DVR rewind Rewind DVR or On-Demand content fastforward Fast Forward DVR or On-Demand content soundoff Turn sound off soundon Turn sound on num0 - num9 Emulate a number key pressed
Written by Stacey Son, John Woodell, and Dan Dennedy.
Copyright (C) 2004-2006
dvcont panelctl (libavc1394) 0.1 April 2006 PANELCTL(1)