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XkbSASetGroup(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 			 XkbSASetGroup(3)

       XkbSASetGroup - Sets the group_XXX field of act from the group index grp

       void XkbSASetGroup (XkbAction act, int grp);

       - act  action from which to set group

       - grp  group index to set in group_XXX

       XkbSASetGroup sets the group_XXX field of act from the group index grp.

       Actions	associated  with the XkbGroupAction structure change the current group state when
       keys are pressed and released:

	   typedef struct _XkbGroupAction {
	       unsigned char	type;	    /* XkbSA_{Set|Latch|Lock}Group */
	       unsigned char	flags;	    /* with type, controls the effect on groups */
	       char		group_XXX;  /* represents a group index or delta */
	   } XkbGroupAction;

       This manpage seems to be incomplete

X Version 11				   libX11 1.6.0 			 XkbSASetGroup(3)
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