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IASECC-TOOL(1)				   OpenSC Tools 			   IASECC-TOOL(1)

       iasecc-tool - displays information about IAS/ECC card

       iasecc-tool [OPTIONS]

       The iasecc-tool utility is used to display information about IAS/ECC v1.0.1 smart cards.

       --reader number,
	   Specify the reader number number to use. The default is reader 0.

	   Get list of the on-card applications.

       --aid hex-aid,
	   Select hex-aid before processing.

       --list-sdos sdo-type,
	   List SDOs of the given sdo-type, present in default or selected application.

       --verbose, -v
	   Causes cardos-tool to be more verbose. Specify this flag several times to enable debug
	   output in the opensc library.

       --wait, -w
	   Causes iasecc-tool to wait for the token to be inserted into reader.

opensc					    06/17/2014				   IASECC-TOOL(1)
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