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TCUTEST(1)				  Tokyo Cabinet 			       TCUTEST(1)

       tcutest - test cases of the utility API

       The  command  `tcutest' is a utility for facility test and performance test.  This command
       is used in the following format.  `rnum' specifies the number of iterations.  `anum' spec-
       ifies the initial number of elements of array.  `bnum' specifies the number of buckets.

	      tcutest xstr rnum
		     Perform test of extensible string.
	      tcutest list [-rd] rnum [anum]
		     Perform test of array list.
	      tcutest map [-rd] [-tr] [-rnd] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad|-dpr] rnum [bnum]
		     Perform test of hash map.
	      tcutest tree [-rd] [-tr] [-rnd] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad|-dpr] rnum
		     Perform test of ordered tree.
	      tcutest mdb [-rd] [-tr] [-rnd] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad|-dpr] rnum [bnum]
		     Perform test of on-memory hash database.
	      tcutest ndb [-rd] [-tr] [-rnd] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad|-dpr] rnum
		     Perform test of on-memory tree database.
	      tcutest misc rnum
		     Perform test of miscellaneous routines.
	      tcutest wicked rnum
		     Perform updating operations of list and map selected at random.

       Options feature the following.

	      -rd : perform the reading test also.
	      -tr : perform the iterator test also.
	      -rnd : select keys at random.
	      -dk : use the function `tcxxxputkeep' instead of `tcxxxput'.
	      -dc : use the function `tcxxxputcat' instead of `tcxxxput'.
	      -dai : use the function `tcxxxaddint' instead of `tcxxxput'.
	      -dad : use the function `tcxxxadddouble' instead of `tcxxxput'.
	      -dpr : use the function `tcxxxputproc' instead of `tcxxxput'.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcumttest(1), tcucodec(1), tcutil(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page				    2012-08-18				       TCUTEST(1)
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