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T1ASCII(1)									       T1ASCII(1)

       t1ascii - convert PostScript Type 1 font from binary to ASCII

       t1ascii [-l length] [input [output]]

       t1ascii	converts  Adobe  Type 1 font programs in PFB (binary) format to PFA (hexadecimal)
       format. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard	output.   If  the
       file input is not specified input comes from the standard input.

       --line-length=num, -l num
	    Set the maximum length of encrypted lines in the output to num.  (These are the lines
	    consisting wholly of hexadecimal digits.) The default is 64.

       --warnings, -w
	    Warn when the input font contains lines longer than 255 characters.  Long lines don't
	    strictly  conform to Adobe's Document Structuring Conventions, and may cause problems
	    with older software.

       t1binary(1), t1unmac(1), t1mac(1), t1asm(1), t1disasm(1)

       Adobe Type 1 Font Format

       Lee Hetherington (ilh@lcs.mit.edu)
       Eddie Kohler (ekohler@gmail.com)

       Ported to Microsoft C/C++ Compiler and MS-DOS operating system by Kai-Uwe  Herbing  (herb-

Version 1.37									       T1ASCII(1)
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