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FIXINCLUDES(1)				 [FIXME: manual]			   FIXINCLUDES(1)

       fixincludes - Reduce the number of #includes in KDE source files

       fixincludes [-v, --verbose] [-e, --experimental] [-m, --modify] [file] [--help]

       fixincludes tries to reduce the number of #includes in C++ source files. Much of it's
       processing is specific to KDE sources and so it might not work so well with sources for
       non-KDE applications.

       The following problems are identified by fixincludes:

       o   Including headers that are no longer supported but which exist for compatibility with
	   older Qt/KDE versions;

       o   Including the same file multiple times.

       There is also an experimental mode which tries removing each #include one at a time (with
       a few exceptions) to see whether the source still compiles. Note that this experimental
       mode will modify the original sources.

       By default the sources will not be modified; the identified problems will simply be
       written to standard output.

       The list of C++ sources to examine should be given on the command-line. If no files are
       given, all C++ sources in or beneath the current directory will be examined (with the
       exception of directories whose Makefile.am contains -UQT_NO_COMPAT or -UKDE_NO_COMPAT)

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.

       -v, --verbose
	   Verbose mode. Additional debugging output is written to standard output.

       -e, --experimental
	   Experimental mode, as described above in detail. Note that this option implies

       -m, --modify
	   As well as writing messages to standard output, actually modify the original sources
	   to fix any problems that were found.

       fixincludes was written by Dirk Mueller <mueller@kde.org>.

       Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>

[FIXME: source] 			  April 7, 2003 			   FIXINCLUDES(1)
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