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XmStringPutRendition(library call)			       XmStringPutRendition(library call)

       XmStringPutRendition -- A convenience function that places renditions around strings

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringPutRendition(
       XmString string,
       XmStringTag rendition);

       XmStringPutRendition places matching Xm_STRING_COMPONENT_RENDITION_BEGIN and XmSTRING_COM-
       PONENT_RENDITION_END components containing rendition around string. The original string is

       string	 Specifies the compound string to which begin and end rendition components should
		 be added.

       rendition Specifies the rendition tag to be used in an  XmSTRING_COMPONENT_RENDITION_BEGIN
		 component which will begin the returned string and in an XmSTRING_COMPONENT_REN-
		 DITION_END component which will end it.

       Returns a new compound string.  The function allocates space to hold  this  returned  com-
       pound  string.	When  the  application	no longer needs the returned compound string, the
       application should call XmStringFree.


							       XmStringPutRendition(library call)
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