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genl-ctrl-list(8) [centos man page]

genl-ctrl-list(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 genl-ctrl-list(8)

genl-ctrl-list - List available kernel-side Generic Netlink families SYNOPSIS
genl-ctrl-list [-d] DESCRIPTION
Queries the Generic Netlink controller in kernel and prints a list of all registered Generic Netlink families including the version of the interface that has been registered. OPTIONS
-h or --help Print help text to console and exit. -v or --version Print versioning information to console and exit. -d or --details Include additional detailed information for each Generic Netlink family that is printed. The information includes: hdrsize N The size of the user specific header. maxattr N The maximum Netlink attribute identifier expected by the interface. op NAME (ID) <FLAGS> A list of available operations including their name, numeric identifier and the flags indicating the capabilities of the opertion. Available flags: admin-perm Requires administrative privileges has-doit Command can handle request has-dump Command can handle a dump request has-policy Command enforces attribute validation policy grp NAME (ID) A list of registered multicast groups including name (if available) and identifier. Example: 0x0010 nlctrl version 2 hdrsize 0 maxattr 7 op GETFAMILY (0x03) <has-doit,has-dump,has-policy> grp notify (0x10) EXAMPLE
$ genl-ctrl-list 0x0010 nlctrl version 2 0x0011 NLBL_MGMT version 3 0x0012 NLBL_CIPSOv4 version 3 0x0013 NLBL_UNLBL version 3 0x0014 acpi_event version 1 0x0015 thermal_event version 1 0x0016 VFS_DQUOT version 1 0x0017 TASKSTATS version 1 0x0018 NET_DM version 2 AUTHOR
Thomas Graf is the original author and current maintainer of libnl and libnl tools. Many people have contributed to it since. libnl 20 April 2012 genl-ctrl-list(8)

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TEAMNL(8)						      Team Netlink Interface							 TEAMNL(8)

teamnl -- team network device Netlink interface tool SYNOPSIS
teamnl [-p port_name] [-a array_index] team_device command [command_args...] teamnl -h DESCRIPTION
teamnl is a tool enabling interaction with a team device via the team driver Netlink interface. This tools serves mainly for debugging pur- poses. Note that it makes no sense to use this tool to change options on team device controlled by a teamd instance. OPTIONS
-h, --help Print help text to console and exit. -p ifname, --port_name ifname Select per-port option of provided interface name. -a index, --array_index index Select array option of provided array index. COMMAND
ports Dumps team ports. option Dumps team options. getoption opt_name Gets option by selected name. setoption opt_name opt_value Sets option by selected name. monitor opt_style Monitors changes made to options, ports and interface information. Style can be either "changed" (default) or "all". SEE ALSO
teamd(8), teamdctl(8), teamd.conf(5) AUTHOR
Jiri Pirko is the original author and current maintainer of libteam. libteam 2013-04-01 TEAMNL(8)
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