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mid3iconv(1)									     mid3iconv(1)

       mid3iconv - convert ID3 tag encodings

       mid3iconv [options] filename ...

       mid3iconv  converts  ID3  tags  from legacy encodings to Unicode and stores them using the
       ID3v2 format.

       --debug, -d
	      Print updated tags

       --dry-run, -p
	      Do not actually modify files

       --encoding, -e
	      Convert from this encoding. By default, your locale's default encoding is used.

	      Use an ID3v1 tag even if an ID3v2 tag is present

       --quiet, -q
	      Only output errors

	      Remove any ID3v1 tag after processing the files

       Emfox Zhou.

       Based on id3iconv (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~zf/id3iconv/) by Feng Zhou.

					 April 10th, 2006			     mid3iconv(1)
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