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BASEOBJ(1)				  baseobj 1.0.1 			       BASEOBJ(1)

       baseobj - Base object

       Base  class so objects will inherit the methods which provide the string representation of
       the object and methods to change the verbosity of  such	string	representation.  It  also
       includes  a  simple  debug  printing and logging mechanism including methods to change the
       debug verbosity level and methods to add debug levels.

   class BaseObj(__builtin__.object)
       Base class so objects will inherit the methods which provide the string representation  of
       the object and a simple debug printing and logging mechanism.

       Methods defined here:

       __init__(self, *kwts, **kwds)

	      Initialize object's private data according to the arguments given

		  # Named arguments
		  x = BaseObj(a=1, b=2)

		  # Dictionary argument
		  x = BaseObj({'a':1, 'b':2})

		  # Tuple arguments: first for keys and second for the values
		  x = BaseObj(['a', 'b'], [1, 2])

		  # All of the above will create an object having two attributes:
		  x.a = 1 and x.b = 2

	      String representation of object

	      The  representation  depends on the verbose level set by debug_repr().  If set to 0
	      the generic object representation is  returned,  else  the  representation  of  the
	      object includes all object attributes and their values with proper indentation.

       __str__ = __repr__(self)

	      Close log file.

       debug_level(self, level=0)
	      Set debug level mask.

	      level: Level to set. This could be a number or a string expression of names defined
		     by debug_map()

		  # Set level

		  # Set level using expression
		  x.debug_level('debug ^ 1')

       dprint(self, level, msg, indent=0)
	      Print  debug  message  if  level	is  allowed  by  the  verbose  level   given   in

       open_log(self, logfile)
	      Open log file.

       Static methods defined here:

       debug_map(bitmap, name='', disp='')
	      Add a debug mapping.

	      Generic debug levels map
		<bitmap>  <name>  <disp prefix>
		 0x000	  'none'
		 0x001	  'info'  'INFO: ' # Display info messages only
		 0x0FF	  'debug' 'DBG:  ' # Display info and all debug messages (0x02-0x80)
		>0x100	  user defined verbose levels

	      Return  or  set  verbose level of object's string representation.  When setting the
	      verbose level, return the verbose level before setting it.

	      level: Level of verbosity to set

	      Set global indentation.

	      Write data to log file.

       No known bugs.

       Jorge Mora (mora@netapp.com)

NFStest 1.0.2				  10 April 2013 			       BASEOBJ(1)
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