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CentOS 7.0 - man page for baseobj (centos section 1)

BASEOBJ(1)					    baseobj 1.0.1					   BASEOBJ(1)

baseobj - Base object
Base class so objects will inherit the methods which provide the string representation of the object and meth- ods to change the verbosity of such string representation. It also includes a simple debug printing and log- ging mechanism including methods to change the debug verbosity level and methods to add debug levels.
class BaseObj(__builtin__.object) Base class so objects will inherit the methods which provide the string representation of the object and a simple debug printing and logging mechanism. Methods defined here: --------------------- __init__(self, *kwts, **kwds) Constructor Initialize object's private data according to the arguments given Examples: # Named arguments x = BaseObj(a=1, b=2) # Dictionary argument x = BaseObj({'a':1, 'b':2}) # Tuple arguments: first for keys and second for the values x = BaseObj(['a', 'b'], [1, 2]) # All of the above will create an object having two attributes: x.a = 1 and x.b = 2 __repr__(self) String representation of object The representation depends on the verbose level set by debug_repr(). If set to 0 the generic object representation is returned, else the representation of the object includes all object attributes and their values with proper indentation. __str__ = __repr__(self) close_log(self) Close log file. debug_level(self, level=0) Set debug level mask. level: Level to set. This could be a number or a string expression of names defined by debug_map() Examples: # Set level x.debug_level(0xFF) # Set level using expression x.debug_level('all') x.debug_level('debug ^ 1') dprint(self, level, msg, indent=0) Print debug message if level is allowed by the verbose level given in debug_level(). open_log(self, logfile) Open log file. Static methods defined here: ---------------------------- debug_map(bitmap, name='', disp='') Add a debug mapping. Generic debug levels map <bitmap> <name> <disp prefix> 0x000 'none' 0x001 'info' 'INFO: ' # Display info messages only 0x0FF 'debug' 'DBG: ' # Display info and all debug messages (0x02-0x80) >0x100 user defined verbose levels debug_repr(level=None) Return or set verbose level of object's string representation. When setting the verbose level, return the verbose level before setting it. level: Level of verbosity to set dindent(indent) Set global indentation. write_log(data) Write data to log file.
No known bugs.
Jorge Mora (mora@netapp.com) NFStest 1.0.2 10 April 2013 BASEOBJ(1)

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