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NM-ONLINE(1)									     NM-ONLINE(1)

       nm-online - ask NetworkManager whether the network is connected

       nm-online  [ OPTIONS ]

       nm-online is a utility to find out whether we are online. It is done by asking NetworkMan-
       ager about its status. When run, nm-online waits until NetworkManager  reports  an  active
       connection,  or	specified  timeout  expires.  On exit, the returned status code should be
       checked (see the return codes bellow).

       -t, --timeout <timeout_value>
	      Time to wait for a connection, in seconds.  If the  option  is  not  provided,  the
	      default timeout is 30 seconds.

       -x, --exit
	      Exit immediately if NetworkManager is not running or connecting.

       -q, --quiet
	      Don't print anything.

       0   Success - already online or connection established within given timeout

       1   Offline or not online within given timeout

       2   Unspecified error

       nmcli(1), NetworkManager(8).

					   11 July 2013 			     NM-ONLINE(1)
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