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papi_clockres(1)			       PAPI				 papi_clockres(1)

       papi_clockres - The papi_clockres utility.

       file clockres.c

       papi_clockres - measures and reports clock latency and resolution for PAPI timers.

       papi_clockres is a PAPI utility program that measures and reports the latency and
       resolution of the four PAPI timer functions: PAPI_get_real_cyc(), PAPI_get_virt_cyc(),
       PAPI_get_real_usec() and PAPI_get_virt_usec().

       This utility has no command line options.

       There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the
       PAPI Mailing List at ptools-perfapi@ptools.org.

Version 			 Tue Jun 17 2014			 papi_clockres(1)
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