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MAILSTAT(1)									      MAILSTAT(1)

       mailstat - shows mail-arrival statistics

       mailstat [-klmots] [logfile]

       mailstat  parses  a  procmail-generated $LOGFILE and displays a summary about the messages
       delivered to all folders (total size, average size, nr  of  messages).	The  $LOGFILE  is
       truncated to zero length, unless the -k option is used.	Exit code 0 if mail arrived, 1 if
       no mail arrived.

       -k     keep logfile intact

       -l     long display format

       -m     merge any errors into one line

       -o     use the old logfile

       -t     terse display format

       -s     silent in case of no mail

       Customise to your heart's content, this program is only provided as a guideline.

       This manual page  was  written  by  Santiago  Vila  <sanvila@debian.org>  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used by others).

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