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LDRDF(1)							   Debian Manual							  LDRDF(1)

ldrdf - link RDOFF objects and libraries produced by rdflib(1) SYNOPSIS
ldrdf [-o output-file] object-file... [-llibrary...] DESCRIPTION
ldrdf is a version of unix ld(1) (or DOS LINK) for use with RDOFF files. It is capable of linking RDOFF objects, and libraries produced with the rdflib(1) utility. Libraries must be specified with their path as no search is performed. Modules in libraries are not linked to the program unless they are referred to. OPTIONS
-o output-file Specify an output file. The default output filename is 'aout.rdx'. -v Increase verbosity level. Currently 4 verbosity levels are available: default (which only prints error information), normal (which prints information about the produced object, -v), medium (which prints information about what the program is doing, -v -v) and high (which prints all available information, -v -v -v). -p Change alignment value to which multiple segments combigned into a single segment should be aligned (must be either 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 256; default is 16). AUTHORS
Julian Hall <>. This manual page was written by Matej Vela <>. Debian Project September 6, 1999 LDRDF(1)

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RDF2BIN(1)							   Debian Manual							RDF2BIN(1)

rdf2bin, rdf2com - convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary SYNOPSIS
rdf2bin [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] [-f format] input-file output-file rdf2com [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file rdf2ith [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file rdf2srec [-o relocation-origin] [-p segment-alignment] input-file output-file OPTIONS
-o relocation-origin Relocate at origin relocation-origin. If invoked as rdf2com, the default relocation origin will be 0x100. Else, the default origin is 0. -p segment-alignment Pad segments until their size is a multiple of segment-alignment. By default, 16 is used. -f format Specify the output format. The currently supported formats are binary (bin), DOS COM (binary with origin 0x100) (com) Intel hex (ith or ihx), and Motorola S-Records (srec). If not specified, the format is set by the command name. AUTHORS
Julian Hall <>, H. Peter Anvin <>. This manual page was written by Matej Vela <>. BUGS
This utility currently only supports the classic segments .text, .data and .bss. Debian Project September 6, 1999 RDF2BIN(1)
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