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SWAPCONTEXT(2)			   Linux 2.6 Programmer's Guide 		   SWAPCONTEXT(2)

       swapcontext - Swap out old context with new context

       int sys_swapcontext (struct ucontext *old_ctx, struct ucontext *new_ctx, int r5, int r6,
			    int r7, int r8, struct pt_regs *regs);

       swapcontext swaps out context old_ctx with new context new_ctx. The int r# values have  no
       place in the system call functionality. The regs value indicates the current user register
       values from the user stack.

       swapcontext returns 0 on success; otherwise, swapcontext returns one of the errors  listed
       in the "Errors" section.

	      swapcontext  could not verify that the memory area pointed to by old_ctx or new_ctx
	      was accessible for the operation.

	      A fault occurred when the context was being copied into the kernel's image  of  the
	      user's registers. The should only occur in an out-of-memory situation.

       getcontext(2), sigaction(2), sigaltstack(2), sigprocmask(2)

       Niki Rahimi

Linux 2.6				  2004-March-12 			   SWAPCONTEXT(2)
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