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HIDD(1) 				  User Commands 				  HIDD(1)

       hidd - Bluetooth HID daemon

       hidd - Bluetooth HID daemon

	      hidd [options] [commands]

       -i <hciX|bdaddr>
	      Local HCI device or BD Address

       -t <timeout>
	      Set idle timeout (in minutes)

       -n, --nodaemon
	      Don't fork daemon to background

       -h, --help
	      Display help

	      Start HID server

	      Search for HID devices

       --connect <bdaddr>
	      Connect remote HID device

       --kill <bdaddr>
	      Terminate HID connection

	      Terminate all connections

       --show List current HID connections

hidd - Bluetooth HID daemon		     May 2004					  HIDD(1)
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