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SIEVESHELL(1)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation		    SIEVESHELL(1)

       sieveshell - remotely manipulate sieve scripts

       sieveshell [--user=user] [--authname=authname] [--realm=realm] [--exec=script]

       sieveshell --help

       sieveshell allows users to manipulate their scripts on a remote server.	It works via
       MANAGESIEVE, a work in progress.

       The following commands are recognized:

	   list list scripts on server.

	   put <filename> upload script to server.

	   get <name> [<filename>] get script. if no filename display to stdout

	   delete <name> delete script.

	   activate <name> activate script.

	   deactivate deactivate all scripts.

       -u user, --user=user
	   The authorization name to request; by default, derived from the authentication

       -a authname, --authname=authname
	   The user to use for authentication (defaults to current user).

       -r realm, --realm=realm
	   The realm to attempt authentication in.

       -e script, --exec=script
	   Instead of working interactively, run commands from script, and exit when done.

       [MANAGESIEVE] Martin, T.; "A Protocol for Remotely Managing Sieve Scripts",
       draft-ietf-managesieve-03.txt, Mirapoint, Inc.; May 2001, work in progress.

       Tim Martin <tmartin@mirapoint.com>, and the rest of the Cyrus team

perl v5.16.3				    2014-06-10				    SIEVESHELL(1)
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