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Object::Deadly::_unsafe(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation     Object::Deadly::_unsafe(3)

       Object::Deadly::_unsafe - Implementation for the deadly object

	   The DESTROY method doesn't die. This is defined so it won't be AUTOLOADed or fetched
	   from UNIVERSAL.

	   Each of AUTOLOAD, a named list of known UNIVERSAL functions and then a query for
	   everything currently known are all implemented with "Object::Deadly->get_death" to
	   prevent anything from sneaking through to a successful call against something in

	   That list of functions are what core perl uses plus a bunch from CPAN modules
	   including UNIVERSAL, UNIVERSAL::require, UNIVERSAL::dump, UNIVERSAL::exports,
	   UNIVERSAL::moniker, UNIVERSAL::which. That's just the list as it exists today. If
	   someone else creates a new one and you load it, be sure to do it *prior* to loading
	   this module so I can have at least a chance at noticing anything it's loaded.

       Object::Deadly, Object::Deadly::_safe

perl v5.16.3				    2006-09-25		       Object::Deadly::_unsafe(3)
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