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ipa-client-automount(1) 		 IPA Manual Pages		  ipa-client-automount(1)

       ipa-client-automount - Configure automount and NFS for IPA

       ipa-client-automount [OPTION]... <location>

       Configures automount for IPA.

       The automount configuration consists of three files:

       o      /etc/nsswitch.conf

       o      /etc/sysconfig/autofs

       o      /etc/autofs_ldap_auth.conf

       By  default  this will use DNS discovery to attempt to determine the IPA server(s) to use.
       If IPA servers are discovered then the automount client will be configured to use DNS dis-

       If DNS discovery fails or a specific server is desired, use the --server option.

       The  default  automount	location  is  named  default.  To specify a different one use the
       --location option.

       The IPA client must already be configured in order to configure automount. The IPA  client
       is configured as part of a server installation.

       There  are two ways to configure automount. The default is to use sssd to manage the auto-
       mount maps. Alternatively autofs can configured to bind to LDAP over GSSAPI and	authenti-
       cate using the machine's host principal.

       The nsswitch automount service is configured to use either sss or ldap and files depending
       on whether SSSD is configured or not.

       NFSv4 is also configured. The rpc.gssd and rpc.idmapd are started on  clients  to  support
       Kerberos-secured mounts.

       --server=SERVER Set the IPA server to connect to

	      Automount location

       -S, --no-sssd
	      Do not configure the client to use SSSD for automount

       -d, --debug
	      Print debugging information to stdout

       -U, --unattended
	      Unattended installation. The user will not be prompted

	      Restore the automount configuration files

       Files that will be always be configured:


       Files that will be configured when SSSD is the automount client (default):


       Files that will be configured when using the ldap automount client:



       0 if the installation was successful

       1 if an error occurred

IPA					   May 25 2012			  ipa-client-automount(1)
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