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SPLIT2PO(1)				 [FIXME: manual]			      SPLIT2PO(1)

       split2po - Creates a po file from two DocBook XML files

       split2po {Original-XMLTranslated-XML}

       split2po is a command-line tool that takes the two given DocBook XML files and produces a
       gettext message file (PO-file) that represents the changes between them. The resulting
       PO-file is sent to standard output.

       translated-XML must be the result of translating original-XML into another language. It is
       this translation that the resulting PO-file will represent.

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.

       po2xml(1), swappo(1), transxx(1), xml2pot(1)

       The PO XML tools were written by Stephan Kulow<coolo@kde.org>

       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton<bab@debian.org>

       Ben Burton <bab@debian.org>

[FIXME: source] 			  April 7, 2003 			      SPLIT2PO(1)
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