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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xgetvisualinfo (centos section 3)

XGetVisualInfo(3)				    XLIB FUNCTIONS				    XGetVisualInfo(3)

XGetVisualInfo, XMatchVisualInfo, XVisualIDFromVisual, XVisualInfo - obtain visual information and visual structure
XVisualInfo *XGetVisualInfo(Display *display, long vinfo_mask, XVisualInfo *vinfo_template, int *nitems_return); Status XMatchVisualInfo(Display *display, int screen, int depth, int class, XVisualInfo *vinfo_return); VisualID XVisualIDFromVisual(Visual *visual);
class Specifies the class of the screen. depth Specifies the depth of the screen. display Specifies the connection to the X server. nitems_return Returns the number of matching visual structures. screen Specifies the screen. visual Specifies the visual type. vinfo_mask Specifies the visual mask value. vinfo_return Returns the matched visual information. vinfo_template Specifies the visual attributes that are to be used in matching the visual structures.
The XGetVisualInfo function returns a list of visual structures that have attributes equal to the attributes specified by vinfo_template. If no visual structures match the template using the specified vinfo_mask, XGetVisualInfo returns a NULL. To free the data returned by this function, use XFree. The XMatchVisualInfo function returns the visual information for a visual that matches the specified depth and class for a screen. Because multiple visuals that match the specified depth and class can exist, the exact visual chosen is undefined. If a visual is found, XMatchVisualInfo returns nonzero and the information on the visual to vinfo_return. Otherwise, when a visual is not found, XMatchVisualInfo returns zero. The XVisualIDFromVisual function returns the visual ID for the specified visual type.
The XVisualInfo structure contains: /* Visual information mask bits */ #define VisualNoMask 0x0 #define VisualIDMask 0x1 #define VisualScreenMask 0x2 #define VisualDepthMask 0x4 #define VisualClassMask 0x8 #define VisualRedMaskMask 0x10 #define VisualGreenMaskMask 0x20 #define VisualBlueMaskMask 0x40 #define VisualColormapSizeMask 0x80 #define VisualBitsPerRGBMask 0x100 #define VisualAllMask 0x1FF /* Values */ typedef struct { Visual *visual; VisualID visualid; int screen; int depth; int class; unsigned long red_mask; unsigned long green_mask; unsigned long blue_mask; int colormap_size; int bits_per_rgb; } XVisualInfo;
XFree(3) Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 libX11 1.6.0 XGetVisualInfo(3)

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