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MPTOPDF(1)				     ConTeXt				       MPTOPDF(1)

       mptopdf - convert MetaPost to PDF

       mptopdf FILE [ ...  ]

       mptopdf	can  convert  MetaPost-generated  EPS  files to PDF, or it can process a MetaPost
       source file directly (see mpost(1)) and convert the generated EPS files to PDF.

       All switches are specified in full here but can be abbreviated to the shortest unique pre-
       fix.   Thus, --metaf works the same as --metafun.

       --help Print a terse help message.

	      Use  the metafun pre-compiled format to process the MetaPost source file.  You usu-
	      ally don't need this option, since metafun input is usually produced and	processed
	      as part of a texexec(1) run.  Needs the --rawmp switch to take effect.

	      Process  the source file with mpost(1) directly, rather than with texexec(1).  This
	      option is needed if you want to specify --metafun.

	      Typeseting labels using latex(1) rather than plain tex(1).

       To convert manfig.20 to manfig-20.pdf:
	  mptopdf manfig.20

       You can convert more than one EPS file at once:
	  mptopdf manfig.20 otherfig.17 finalfig.8

       Or you can give mptopdf(1) a pattern that it will expand:
	  mptopdf 'manfig.*'
       Note the single quotes to protect the * from the shell.	Of course, usually  you  can  let
       the shell do the wildcard expansion and therefore leave off the quotes.

       To convert figs.mp to figs-1.pdf, figs-2.pdf, ...
	  mptopdf figs.mp

       If the labels are typeset with latex(1):
	  mptopdf --latex figs.mp

       tex(1), latex(1), mpost(1), pdftex(1), texexec(1).

       ConTeXt wiki <http://www.contextgarden.net>.

       mptopdf(1) is part of the ConTeXt system by Hans Hagen et al, which is available from
       PRAGMA ADE <http://www.pragma-ade.com/>.  This manpage was written by Sanjoy Mahajan <san-
       joy@mit.edu> and is in the public domain.

mptopdf 1.3.2				   January 2007 			       MPTOPDF(1)
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