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MPTOPDF(1)							      ConTeXt								MPTOPDF(1)

mptopdf - convert MetaPost to PDF
mptopdf FILE [ ... ]
mptopdf can convert MetaPost-generated EPS files to PDF, or it can process a MetaPost source file directly (see mpost(1)) and convert the generated EPS files to PDF.
All switches are specified in full here but can be abbreviated to the shortest unique prefix. Thus, --metaf works the same as --metafun. --help Print a terse help message. --metafun Use the metafun pre-compiled format to process the MetaPost source file. You usually don't need this option, since metafun input is usually produced and processed as part of a texexec(1) run. Needs the --rawmp switch to take effect. --rawmp Process the source file with mpost(1) directly, rather than with texexec(1). This option is needed if you want to specify --meta- fun. --latex Typeseting labels using latex(1) rather than plain tex(1).
To convert manfig.20 to manfig-20.pdf: mptopdf manfig.20 You can convert more than one EPS file at once: mptopdf manfig.20 otherfig.17 finalfig.8 Or you can give mptopdf(1) a pattern that it will expand: mptopdf 'manfig.*' Note the single quotes to protect the * from the shell. Of course, usually you can let the shell do the wildcard expansion and therefore leave off the quotes. To convert to figs-1.pdf, figs-2.pdf, ... mptopdf If the labels are typeset with latex(1): mptopdf --latex
tex(1), latex(1), mpost(1), pdftex(1), texexec(1). ConTeXt wiki <>.
mptopdf(1) is part of the ConTeXt system by Hans Hagen et al, which is available from PRAGMA ADE <>. This man- page was written by Sanjoy Mahajan <> and is in the public domain. mptopdf 1.3.2 January 2007 MPTOPDF(1)