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CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::PlugiUserRContributed Perl CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote(3)

       CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote - connect to a remote CPANPLUS

	   CPAN Terminal> /connect localhost 1337 --user=foo --pass=bar
	   CPAN Terminal@localhost> /disconnect

       This is a "CPANPLUS::Shell::Default" plugin that allows you to connect to a machine
       running an instance of "CPANPLUS::Daemon", allowing remote usage of the "CPANPLUS Shell".

       A sample session, updating all modules on a remote machine, might look like this:

	   CPAN Terminal> /connect --user=my_user --pass=secret localhost 1337

	   Connection accepted

	   Successfully connected to 'localhost' on port '11337'

	   Note that no output will appear until a command has completed
	   -- this may take a while

	   CPAN Terminal@localhost> o; i *


	   CPAN Terminal@localhost> /disconnect

	   CPAN Terminal>

       Please report bugs or other issues to <bug-cpanplus@rt.cpan.org<gt>.

       This module by Jos Boumans <kane@cpan.org>.

       The CPAN++ interface (of which this module is a part of) is copyright (c) 2001 - 2007, Jos
       Boumans <kane@cpan.org>. All rights reserved.

       This library is free software; you may redistribute and/or modify it under the same terms
       as Perl itself.

       CPANPLUS::Shell::Default, CPANPLUS::Shell, cpanp

perl v5.16.3				    2013-05-2CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote(3)
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