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PWHICH(1)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation			PWHICH(1)

       pwhich - Perl-only `which'

	 $ pwhich perl
	 $ pwhich -a perl	   # print all matches
	 $ pwhich perl perldoc ... # look for multiple programs
	 $ pwhich -a perl perldoc ...

       `pwhich' is a command-line utility program for finding paths to other programs based on
       the user's "PATH". It is similar to the usualy Unix tool `which', and tries to emulate its
       functionality, but is written purely in Perl (uses the module "File::Which"), so is

   Calling syntax
	 $ pwhich [-a] [-v] programname [programname ...]

       -a  The option -a will make "pwhich" print all matches found in the "PATH" variable
	   instead of just the first one. Each match is printed on a separate line.

       -v  Prints version (of "File::Which") and copyright notice and exits.

       Bugs should be reported via the CPAN bug tracker at


       For other issues, contact the maintainer.

       Adam Kennedy <adamk@cpan.org>

       Per Einar Ellefsen <pereinar@cpan.org>

       Originated in modperl-2.0/lib/Apache/Build.pm. Changed for use in DocSet (for the mod_perl
       site) and Win32-awareness by me, with slight modifications by Stas Bekman, then extracted
       to create "File::Which".

       Version 0.04 had some significant platform-related changes, taken from the Perl Power
       Tools `which' implementation by Abigail with enhancements from Peter Prymmer. See
       <http://www.perl.com/language/ppt/src/which/index.html> for more information.

       Copyright 2002 Per Einar Ellefsen.

       Some parts copyright 2009 Adam Kennedy.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       perl, File::Which, which(1)

perl v5.16.3				    2009-09-26					PWHICH(1)
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