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MANCONV(1)				Manual pager utils			       MANCONV(1)

       manconv - convert manual page from one encoding to another

       manconv -f from-code[:from-code...]  -t to-code [-dqhV] [filename]

       manconv converts a manual page from one encoding to another, like iconv.  Unlike iconv, it
       can try multiple possible input encodings in sequence.  This is useful  for  manual  pages
       installed  in  directories  without an explicit encoding declaration, since they may be in
       UTF-8 or in a legacy character set.

       If an encoding declaration is found on the first line of the manual page, that declaration
       overrides  any input encodings specified on manconv's command line.  Encoding declarations
       have the following form:

	      '\" -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

       or (if manual page preprocessors are also to be declared):

	      '\" t -*- coding: ISO-8859-1 -*-

       -f encodings, --from-code encodings
	      Try each of encodings (a colon-separated list) in sequence as the input encoding.

       -t encoding, --to-code encoding
	      Convert the manual page to encoding.

       -q, --quiet
	      Do not issue error messages when the page cannot be converted.

       -d, --debug
	      Print debugging information.

       -h, --help
	      Print a help message and exit.

       -V, --version
	      Display version information.

       iconv(1), man(1)

       Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org).

2.6.3					    2012-09-17				       MANCONV(1)
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