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CentOS 7.0 - man page for brlapi_handles (centos section 3)

BrlAPI handles(3)			      BrlAPI				BrlAPI handles(3)

       BrlAPI handles -

       typedef struct brlapi_handle_t brlapi_handle_t

       size_t BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_getHandleSize (void)

Detailed Description
       Each function provided by BrlAPI comes in two versions.

       1.  A version whose name is prefixed by brlapi_ for clients opening only one simultaneous
	   connection with BrlAPI (most frequen case)

       2.  A version whose name is prefixed by brlapi__ for use by clients wishing to open more
	   than one connection to BrlAPI.

       A function called brlapi__foo is used in exactly the same way as its brlapi_foo
       counterpart, except that it takes an additional argument (the first one), which is a
       handle letting the client refer to a given connection in a similar manner to what file
       descriptors do.

       In case you want to check that your code is not erroneously using brlapi_foo functions,
       define BRLAPI_NO_SINGLE_SESSION before including <brlapi.h>: that will disable the
       declaration of all single session functions.

Typedef Documentation
   typedef struct brlapi_handle_t brlapi_handle_t
       Type for BrlAPI hanles

Function Documentation
   size_t BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_getHandleSize (void)
       Returns the size of an object of type brlapi_handle_t in bytes

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Version 1.0				  Mon Apr 1 2013			BrlAPI handles(3)

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