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CentOS 7.0 - man page for __gnu_cxx::__detail::__mini_vector (centos section 3)

__gnu_cxx::__detail::__mini_vector< _Library Function__gnu_cxx::__detail::__mini_vector< _Tp >(3)

       __gnu_cxx::__detail::__mini_vector< _Tp > -

   Public Types
       typedef const _Tp & const_reference
       typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
       typedef pointer iterator
       typedef _Tp * pointer
       typedef _Tp & reference
       typedef size_t size_type
       typedef _Tp value_type

   Public Member Functions
       reference back () const	 throw ()
       iterator begin () const	 throw ()
       void clear ()  throw ()
       iterator end () const   throw ()
       void erase (iterator __pos)  throw ()
       void insert (iterator __pos, const_reference __x)
       reference operator[] (const size_type __pos) const   throw ()
       void pop_back ()  throw ()
       void push_back (const_reference __x)
       size_type size () const	 throw ()

Detailed Description
   template<typename _Tp>class __gnu_cxx::__detail::__mini_vector< _Tp >
       __mini_vector<> is a stripped down version of the full-fledged std::vector<>.

       It is to be used only for built-in types or PODs. Notable differences are:

       1. Not all accessor functions are present. 2. Used ONLY for PODs. 3. No Allocator template
       argument. Uses operator new() to get memory, and operator delete() to free it. Caveat: The
       dtor does NOT free the memory allocated, so this a memory-leaking vector!

       Definition at line 69 of file bitmap_allocator.h.

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