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DFUTOOL(1)									       DFUTOOL(1)

       dfutool - Device Firmware Upgrade utility

       dfutool [ options ] < command >

       dfutool is used to verify, archive and upgrade firmware files.

       -h     Gives a list of possible commands.

       -d <device>
	      The command specifies the device to use.

       verify <dfu-file>
	      Display information about the firmware file.

       modify <dfu-file>
	      Change DFU specific values in the firmware file.

       upgrade <dfu-file>
	      Upgrade the device with a new firmware.

       archive <dfu-file>
	      Archive the current firmware of the device.

       Written by Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>.

					  APRIL 21, 2005			       DFUTOOL(1)
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