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jscal-restore(1)								 jscal-restore(1)

       jscal-restore - restores joystick calibration

       jscal-restore <device-name>

       jscal-restore  restores	the  calibration  and  mapping information for the given joystick
       device, previously stored by the jscal-store command.

       An appropriate rule can be set up with udev so that any stored  calibration  settings  are
       restored  when  the  relevant  device  is  connected. Some distributions (at least Debian,
       Ubuntu and Slackware) provide joystick packages which install such rules automatically.

	      File used to store the calibration settings.

       jscal(1), jscal-store(1).

       jscal-restore was written by Stephen Kitt.

jscal-restore				   May 25, 2011 			 jscal-restore(1)
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