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decode-dimms(1) 			  User Commands 			  decode-dimms(1)

       decode-dimms - Decode the information found in memory module SPD EEPROMs.

       decode-dimms [-c] [-f [-b]] [-x|-X file [files..]]
       decode-dimms -h

       The  purpose  of the decode-dimms tool is to decode the information found in memory module
       SPD EEPROMs.  The SPD data is read either from the running system or dump files.  The tool
       requires the eeprom kernel module to be loaded.

       -f, --format
	      Print nice html output

       -b, --bodyonly
	      Don't print html header (useful for postprocessing the output)

	      Display all DIMMs side-by-side if possible

	      Merge neighbour cells with identical values (side-by-side output only)

       -c, --checksum
	      Decode completely even if checksum fails

       -x     Read data from hexdump files

       -X     Same as -x except treat multibyte hex data as little endian

       -h, --help
	      Display this usage summary


       Philip Edelbrock <phil@netroedge.com>
       Christian Zuckschwerdt <zany@triq.net>
       Burkart Lingner <burkart@bollchen.de>
       Jean Delvare <khali@linux-fr.org>

i2c-tools				     Oct 2013				  decode-dimms(1)
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