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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xvcreateimage (centos section 3)

XvCreateImage(3)			 libXv Functions			 XvCreateImage(3)

       XvCreateImage, XvShmCreateImage - create an XvImage

       #include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h>

       XvImage * XvCreateImage (Display *dpy, XvPortID port,
				int id, char *data,
				int width, int height);

       XvImage * XvShmCreateImage (Display *dpy, XvPortID port,
				   int id, char *data,
				   int width, int height,
				   XShmSegmentInfo *shminfo);

       dpy     Specifies the connection to the X server.

       port    Specifies the port the XvImage will be used with.

       id      Specifies the format of the image to be created by the XvImageFormatValues id.

       data    Specifies the image data.

       width, height
	       Specifies the desired width and height of the image.

       XvCreateImage(3)  is  similar to XCreateImage(3).  XvShmCreateImage(3) is similar to XShm-
       CreateImage(3).	The library will allocate the XvImage structure and fill out  all  fields
       except  for  data.  Width and height may be enlarged in some YUV formats.  The size of the
       data buffer that needs to be allocated will be given in the data_size field in  the  XvIm-
       age.   Image data is not allocated by this function.  The client may pass a pointer to the
       preallocated memory as data or may allocate the memory and fill in the XvImage structure's
       data  field  after  the	data_size  field  has been filled out by the server.  The XvImage
       structure may be freed by XFree(3).  Shared memory  segments  are  attached/detached  with

       XvImage has the following structure:

       typedef struct {
	  int id;
	  int width, height;
	  int data_size;
	  int num_planes;
	  int *pitches;
	  int *offsets;
	  char *data;
	  XPointer obdata;
       } XvImage;

       id      A  descriptor  for  the	format from the XvImageFormatValues structure returned by

       width, height
	       The width and height of the image in pixels.

	       The size of the data buffer in bytes.

	       The number of image planes.

       pitches An array of size num_planes indicating the scanline pitch in  bytes.   Each  plane
	       may have a different pitch.

       offsets An  array  of size num_planes indicating the byte offset from data to the start of
	       each plane.

       data    A pointer to the start of the data buffer.

       obdata  A private field for holding SHM info.  This field will be set  up  by  the  client
	       libraries so the programmer will generally need not be concerned with this field.

	       Generated if the requested port does not exist.

	       Generated  if  the  X server was unable to allocate resources required to complete
	       the operation.

	       Generated if incompatible arguments were supplied, such as a port that isn't capa-
	       ble of displaying XvImages.

       XvListImageFormats(3), XCreateImage(3), XShmCreateImage(3), XShmAttach(3), XShmDetach(3).

X Version 11				   libXv 1.0.9				 XvCreateImage(3)

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