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FcConfigParseAndLoad(3) 						  FcConfigParseAndLoad(3)

       FcConfigParseAndLoad - load a configuration file

       #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcBool FcConfigParseAndLoad (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *file, FcBool complain);

       Walks  the configuration in 'file' and constructs the internal representation in 'config'.
       Any include files referenced from within 'file' will be loaded and parsed.  If  'complain'
       is  FcFalse, no warning will be displayed if 'file' does not exist. Error and warning mes-
       sages will be output to stderr.	Returns FcFalse if some error occurred while loading  the
       file,  either  a  parse	error,	semantic  error  or allocation failure. Otherwise returns

       Fontconfig version 2.10.95

					    31 8 2013			  FcConfigParseAndLoad(3)
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