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CentOS 7.0 - man page for xmtextgetsubstring (centos section 3)

XmTextGetSubstring(library call)				 XmTextGetSubstring(library call)

       XmTextGetSubstring  --  A Text function that retrieves a copy of a portion of the internal
       text buffer

       #include <Xm/Text.h>
       int XmTextGetSubstring(
       Widget widget,
       XmTextPosition start,
       int num_chars,
       int buffer_size,
       char *buffer);

       XmTextGetSubstring retrieves a copy of a portion of the internal text  buffer  of  a  Text
       widget.	The  function copies a specified number of characters from a given start position
       in the internal text buffer into a buffer provided by the application. A  NULL  terminator
       is placed at the end of the copied data.

       The  size  of  the  required  buffer  depends on the maximum number of bytes per character
       (MB_CUR_MAX) for the current locale.  MB_CUR_MAX is a macro defined in stdlib.h. The  buf-
       fer  should  be	large enough to contain the substring to be copied and a NULL terminator.
       Use the following equation to calculate the size of buffer the application should provide:

       buffer_size = (num_chars* MB_CUR_MAX) + 1

       widget	 Specifies the Text widget ID.

       start	 Specifies  the  beginning  character  position  from  which  the  data  will  be
		 retrieved.  This  is  an  integer number of characters from the beginning of the
		 text buffer. The first character position is 0 (zero).

       num_chars Specifies the number of characters to be copied into the provided buffer.

		 Specifies the size of the supplied buffer in bytes. This size should account for
		 a NULL terminator.

       buffer	 Specifies  the  character  buffer  into  which  the internal text buffer will be

       For a complete definition of Text and its associated resources, see XmText(3).

		 The function was successful.

		 The function failed because it was unable to copy the specified number of  char-
		 acters  into the buffer provided.  The buffer size may be insufficient. The con-
		 tents of buffer are undefined.

		 The requested number of characters extended  beyond  the  internal  buffer.  The
		 function  copied characters between start and the end of the widget's buffer and
		 terminated the string with a NULL terminator; fewer  than  num_chars  characters
		 were copied.

       XmText(3) and XmTextGetSubstringWcs(3).

								 XmTextGetSubstring(library call)

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