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esc(1)					Smart Card Manager				   esc(1)

       esc - Minimal Command-Line Interface for Smart Card Manager.

       esc [options]

       esc  provides a minimal command-line interface to Smart Card Manager which allows users to
       manage Smart Cards on the system. The program is most often  run  automatically	when  the
       user  logs into the system or when an actual smart card is entered into the computer. This
       minimal command line interface may be of use in unusual circumstances.

       NO Options.
	      Will start the esc daemon if not running. Will start the esc UI if daemon  is  run-

	      Displays the version number of esc.

       FILES  /usr/bin/esc

       Jack Magne <jmagne@redhat.com> esc was written with the Dogtag project.

       Copyright (c) 2013 Red Hat, Inc.

version 1.0.1				  July 30, 2013 				   esc(1)
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