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TCUMTTEST(1)				  Tokyo Cabinet 			     TCUMTTEST(1)

       tcutest - test cases of the on-memory database API

       The command `tcumttest' is a utility for facility test under multi-thread situation.  This
       command is used in the following format.   `rnum'  specifies  the  number  of  iterations.
       `bnum' specifies the number of buckets.

	      tcumttest combo [-rnd] tnum rnum [bnum] [-tr]
		     Peform storing, retrieving, and removing in turn.
	      tcumttest typical [-nc] [-rr num] tnum rnum [bnum] [-tr]
		     Perform typical operations selected at random.

       Options feature the following.

	      -rnd : select keys at random.
	      -nc : omit the comparison test.
	      -rr num : specifiy the ratio of reading operation by percentage.
	      -tr : use on-memory tree database object.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcutest(1), tcucodec(1), tcutil(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page				    2012-08-18				     TCUMTTEST(1)
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