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CAPNG_CHANGE_ID(3)			  Libcap-ng API 		       CAPNG_CHANGE_ID(3)

       capng_change_id - change the credentials retaining capabilities

       #include <cap-ng.h>

       int capng_change_id(int uid, int gid, capng_flags_t flag);

       This  function  will change uid and gid to the ones given while retaining the capabilities
       previously  specified  in  capng_update.  It  is  not  necessary  and  perhaps  better  if
       capng_apply  has  not  been called prior to this function so that all necessary privileges
       are still intact. The caller is required  to  have  CAP_SETPCAP	capability  still  active
       before calling this function.

       This function also takes a flag parameter that helps to tailor the exact actions performed
       by the function to secure the environment. The option may be  or'ed  together.  The  legal
       values are:

		     Simply change uid and retain specified capabilities and that's all.

		     After  changing  id,  remove  and	supplement  groups that may come with the

		     After changing the uid and gid, clear the bounding  set  regardless  to  the
		     internal representation already setup.

       This  returns  0  on success and a negative number on failure. -1 means capng has not been
       initted properly, -2 means a failure  requesting  to  keep  capabilities  across  the  uid
       change, -3 means that applying the intermediate capabilities failed, -4 means changing gid
       failed, -5 means dropping supplemental groups failed, -6 means changing the uid failed, -7
       means  dropping	the  ability to retain caps across a uid change failed, -8 means clearing
       the bounding set failed, -9 means dropping CAP_SETPCAP failed.

       Note: the only safe action to do upon failure of this function is to probably  exit.  This
       is  because  you  are  likely  in  a  situation	with partial permissions and not what you

       capng_update(3), capng_apply(3), prctl(2), capabilities(7)

       Steve Grubb

Red Hat 				    June 2009			       CAPNG_CHANGE_ID(3)
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